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Leadership Safari

In facing challenge, one discovers growth - take advantage of your safari adventure as a journey in leadership and personal development.

“Safari” means “journey” in Swahili - the “Leadership Safari” is your ultimate journey in leadership development. A leadership safari is an opportunity for individuals or companies to experience an authentic luxury safari in Africa while learning leadership principles that expand their personal and professional horizons.

“Work” becomes “Play” at its best - get ready to sharpen your instincts and hone your reflexes. Through the use of The SAFARI© Method of Leadership, safari guide training techniques, self-awareness and personal development exercises along with experiential learning, you enhance leadership qualities, define life priorities and become a more effective business leader and person. In addition, learn the culture, landscapes and animals of Africa as you experience the beauty of this stunning place.

Sample Daily Agenda

Each day is action-packed and full of the sights and sounds of Africa at its best.  Because we recognize the incredible gift of being on safari, you will spend more than 80% of your time safely enjoying one of the few truly wild places left on Earth. Read below for a sample daily agenda:

Day 2 – Sosian Ranch
  6:00 AM        
Greet the morning with coffee, tea, biscuits
  6:30 AM       
Meet at lodge for game drive. Identify plants and tracks along the way
  9:00 AM  
Return to ranch
  9:30 AM
Breakfast – Learn about Leopard Platform Challenge
10:00 AM
Self-Awareness and Accountability Exercises
12:00 PM
Hand out 360 SAFARI© Assessment Results and review
 1:00 PM
Lunch and begin to develop 360 SAFARI© Action Plans
 3:30 PM
Game drive to Waterfall Challenge
 5:30 PM
One client departs for Leopard Platform Challenge (until 8:00 PM)
 7:30 PM 
 8:00 PM
Cocktails & dinner (Leopard Platform Challenge participant returns)

Because Leadership Safaris is a destination leadership development program, all expenses paid are 100% tax deductible.


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