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Increasing Employee Motivation

Raise Employee Motivation to Drive Profits

Course: Increasing Employee Motivation

Research shows that when an employee’s personal values are aligned to those of their work environment, they experience high levels of job satisfaction, tend to go the extra mile, and are happier with their lives overall.

Are your personal values aligned with your career choices and the culture of your company? Join us to Examine Your Life Values and walk away with a new clarity of your personal life values.

Highlights & Objectives:
If you were to review how you spend your time, would you see alignment of time spent to the personal values you hold most dear? When there is lack of alignment, employees feel less satisfaction with their jobs, and are not enjoying their lives to the extent possible. Our Examine Your Life Values Workshop affords participants the opportunity to understand 15 over-arching life values, complete a thorough prioritization exercise and map a Personal Commitment Plan to meet current goals and future aspirations. A skilled facilitator will guide participants in completing a self-assessment and lead best practices sharing for creating an action plan to achieve personal and professional goals.

At the end of this session, participants will have:
    1. Reviewed 15 core life values and their order of importance
    2. Evaluated individual goals and alignment to core values
    3. Created a personal development plan for moving their life in the direction of
        those goals

Who Should Attend?
Appropriate for all levels, from individuals to team leaders to organization directors.

Examine Your Life Values is a three-hour instructor-led workshop. Call 877-532-5257 to schedule an event for your business or to ask about our public sessions with open seats.

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