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“Time away from my 'civilization' allowed me to take personal assessment of my work environment and personal life. This self assessment can only strengthen my focus on important activities on my return to my job and family.”

- Larry R.

"Amazing experience. Life changing."

- Kathy H.

“A Leadership Safari offers the best combination of classroom and real-world training, activities, and wildlife you can imagine. With Africa as a backdrop for self-reflection, I learned more about myself in 10 days than I have in the past 10 years.”

- Brad B.

“This was the most amazing experience of my life. I highly recommend this program for anyone who wants to improve themselves both personally and professionally. You will grow and you will walk away with a better understanding of your place in this world.  Contact Leadership owe it to yourself.”

- Kim T.

“Leadership Safaris took care of everything for us, from helping us determine what to pack to scheduling our flights and picking us up in Africa at the airport. This has been by far the most amazing trip of my life. I never felt so well taken care of. The lodges, camps, guides, and other amenities were fabulous as was the game viewing. Totally wild and yet luxurious at the same time. I can’t recommend this highly enough.”

- James B.

Praise for Tips for Managing a Thorny Conversation
100% of attendees said they would recommend this class to others
96% of attendees rated the class a 5 out of 6
“Communication takes planning. I have a new appreciation for the impact of phrasing. By understanding the factors at play (sender - receiver - obstacles), you can achieve better results.”
“I have greater confidence to broach any conversation, especially ones with higher-level managers.”

Accolades for Lominger’s Competency Awareness
91% of attendees said they will immediately apply what they learned
94% of attendees cited a good balance of theory and practice
“Understanding of my strengths/weaknesses helped me map what I should work on for the next 12 months in order to meet my leadership goals.”
“Great tools and materials. Walking out with an action plan to address development needs made it worth my time.”

Understanding Learning Styles Tribute

90% of attendees would recommend this class to others

93% of attendees rated the class a 6 out of 6

“Loved the learning styles activities. Really gave me insight as to how to communicate more effectively with other staff members.”

“I learned a lot about myself and have a better appreciation for my co-workers.”

Applause for Leadership Safaris facilitators
“Leadership Safaris helped us structure a workshop to address our specific needs.”
“Training I received will help me be a better communicator at work and at home.”
“Facilitator was clear, concise and interesting. Real-world lessons will help me retain the information.”
“Content delivered has added to my intellectual growth and abilities as a leader.”

Seminars and Workshops
“Well worth my time and budget… messages were delivered in truthful style that all levels can relate to…”

- Eric S.
“Your presenters are inspiring and exercises are unique…”

- Donna J.
“Our team can’t stop talking about the class… facilitator’s ‘tell it like it is’ approach put everyone at ease…We look forward to the next event.”

- Dave T.
“Thanks for the super workshop! I really enjoyed it!”

- Heather T.
“Leadership Safaris experience was awesome. I learned more of myself and my coworkers. Thank you for providing Mary as our facilitator. She was fantastic!”

- Brandi H.

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