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Understanding Learning Styles

Have you ever wondered why you get along so well with some people and yet fostering relationships with others seems more difficult? One reason this happens can be attributed to different learning styles. Understanding Learning Styles helps participants gain insight into their own learning style and implications for other behaviors.

Highlights & Objectives:
This experiential learning workshop leverages research by David A. Kolb, Ph.D. who began studying learning styles back in 1971. Through facilitated discussion, participants discover the different ways people learn, why it matters in our day-to-day interactions with others and will walk away with practical strategies to develop weaker learning styles.

At the end of this session, participants will:
    1. Understand the cycle of learning
    2. Identify preferred personal learning style
    3. Recognize learning styles of others
    4. Understand strengths and weaknesses of each style
    5. Appreciate ways to develop learning style skills
    6. Develop methods to cope with styles outside of our own
    7. Realize implications for:
            a. Solving problems
            b. Approaching team work
            c. Negotiating relationships
            d. Selling ideas
            e. Communicating with others – at work and at home
            f. Matching a career path to your preferred style
    8. Brainstorm safe ways to practice new skills
    9. Understand how approaches to learning changes depending on the context

Who Should Attend?
Appropriate for all levels, from individuals to team leaders to organization directors.

Understanding Learning Styles is a two-hour instructor-led workshop. Contact us to learn more or call 877-532-5257 to schedule an event for your business or to ask about our public sessions with open seats.

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