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Manage Conflicts to Foster Rewarding Relationships
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Conflict Brewing?  Tips for Managing a Thorny Conversation

Most people are uncomfortable having difficult conversations, primarily because they haven’t been taught how to do it effectively. Conflict Brewing? Tips for Managing a Thorny Conversation helps participants enhance their ability to manage conflict through an effective conversation structure.

Highlights & Objectives:
This experiential learning workshop teaches participants to understand common approaches to conflict, how to recognize responses to conflict (in self and in others) and how to conduct difficult conversations in a respectful manner. Participants will also practice applying the communication model, receive coaching on their technique and create a personal commitment plan.

At the end of this session, participants will:
    1. Understand key causes of conflict
    2. Appreciate five common approaches to conflict
        a. Gain an awareness of the pros and cons of using each approach
    3. Recognize responses to conflict
        a. Self
        b. Others’
    4. Appreciate key behaviors for conducting a difficult conversation
        a. Four-element framework to deliver the message so it’s easiest for the listener
        to receive
        b. Seven guidelines to help you respectfully receive a tough message
    5. Apply communication model for managing problematic conversations
    6. Receive coaching following skill practice
    7. Brainstorm ways to introduce and apply the tools after the workshop
    8. Increase confidence in interacting with all levels
        a. Work
        b. Home
    9. Create a personal commitment plan to drive lasting improvement

Who Should Attend?
Appropriate for all levels, from individuals to team leaders to organization directors.

Conflict Brewing? Tips for Managing a Thorny Conversation is a four-hour instructor-led workshop. Contact us to learn more or call 877-532-5257 to schedule an event for your business or to ask about our public sessions with open seats.

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