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Harness Strengths to Propel Performance & Productivity
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How to Maximize Strengths and Manage Weaknesses

A recent study shows that the quickest path to enhancing performance and productivity is to showcase your strengths and to manage your weaknesses. Understanding which strengths to leverage and weaknesses to manage is a key component to accelerating your performance and your career. Active participation in our program will arm you with insights necessary to create and follow an individual action plan to achieve new levels of performance that you desire.

Highlights & Objectives:
We offer a comprehensive program to help you produce a personalized action plan to attain personal and professional goals. The process begins with launching a 360 Leadership SAFARI© Assessment, an effective tool to solicit data on how you view yourself and how you are viewed by others. Through the use of an anonymous survey, a 360 assessment allows you to receive honest feedback from your managers, peers and direct reports. This survey examines strengths and weaknesses in six critical leadership areas:

Self Awareness ~ Accountability ~ Fortitude ~ Adaptability ~ Respect ~ Integrity

At the end of this program, participants will:
    1. Understand benefits of having a 360 degree assessment
    2. Learn common responses to receiving feedback
    3. Obtain results of his/her 360 Leadership SAFARI© Assessment
    4. Analyze his/her 360 Leadership SAFARI© Assessment data with help
        from an experienced Coach
    5. Understand Lominger’s Leadership Architect® and 67 Leadership Competencies
    6. Realize implications in over-using a strength
    7. Appreciate methods for managing weaknesses
    8. Create an Individual Development Plan to meet professional and personal goals
    9. Commit to a process for Action Plan Tracking based on real-time feedback

Who Should Attend?
Our program is appropriate for all levels, from individuals to team leaders to organization directors.

Next Steps:
How to Maximize Strengths and Manage Weaknesses is a four-hour instructor-led workshop. Contact us to learn more or call 877-532-5257 to schedule an event for your business or to ask about our public sessions with open seats. You will feel like you are moving forward as early as after making this first call.

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