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Raise Employee Motivation to Drive Profits 
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What Motivates Your Employees? 

At a time when companies are relying on their workforces to achieve growth, a new study has found that only one in seven employees worldwide is fully engaged and willing to go the extra mile. Think of employee engagement as the discretionary energy that an employee can spend in a given day. The amount of discretionary energy devoted to the job and company is strongly related to how motivated each employee feels. Do you know what motivates each of your employees in order to drive employee engagement?

Highlights & Objectives:
Our experiential learning environment will help you understand the topic of Employee Engagement, factors that influence employee motivation and provide you with ideas you can use with any size company.

At the end of this session, participants will:
    1. Understand the concept of Employee Engagement
    2. Become familiar with factors that influence employee motivation
    3. Develop a framework for individual discovery sessions
    4. Learn six ways to encourage empowerment
    5. Recognize the impact of lower-contributing employees and your role in taking
    6. Assess accountability levels of key team members
    7. Leverage five key elements to increase accountability
    8. Gain awareness of successful formal and informal rewards
    9. Discover best practices to fit any size organization
    10. Prepare an action plan to drive change

Who Should Attend?
Supervisors, team leaders, managers, department heads and anyone who manages others regardless of team/organization size.

What Motivates Your Employees? Attend our three-hour instructor-led workshop to discover how you can find out the employee motivation factors that can drive profits for your business. Contact us to learn more or call 877-532-5257 to schedule an event for your business or to ask about our public sessions with open seats.

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